Wolves Of Rome is here (to stay)

June 13, 2022

Wolves Of Rome is here (to stay)

Wolves of Rome is a mystical TCG set in an ancient world with a fantastic twist that plays into the stories of old. A very thick and deep lore that is written like many different novels, gives the clear maneuverability to tell a slew of stories to expand and build upon, bringing this fantasy world into rich adventures.

When we first heard the lore and read it, we were struck with awe and it marked the beginning of our company. It was originally intended to be a long, long series of graphic novels, spanning around a few characters that will also appear in the TCG and on certain quests. But the setting and pure magic of it is what struck that certain chord in us. It had to be a game, and being heavily invested in the Web3 realm, it appeared as a no-brainer to make it a Web3 experience and game. Fortunately when we began the production, the so-called play 2 earn games were soaring and everyone was talking about crypto gaming, NFTs and the metaverse. Buzzwords if there ever were some.

We quickly saw what the malaise was with many of the propagated new crypto games, simply put it was over promise and under-deliver, or even worse – take the money and run.

In addition, the available utilities of the underlying technologies were mostly never used at all or the entry barrier was too high with a forced wallet entry. Besides the quality of the marketed games being decent at best, the underlying play to earn economies was often finite pyramid mathematics. I could go on but you get the point; nothing was built to last and in many cases, nothing was built at all.

So, we decided even before assembling our team, which now is almost 20 people in total, to take an entirely different route. We wanted to build a sustainable game (hopefully) for the ages that is fun first, that doesn’t care if you are into crypto or not, but gives you the ability to reap the fruits of your gameplay and labor. So no entry barriers and no empty promises. We wanted a game first before we ever thought of raising funds through NFT drops or any other method. Fortunately, one of our partners financed the entire endeavor until we were set to go into alpha, and still does, and here we are.

The sheer quality of the game prompted us to take the quality of the artwork very seriously and only work with the artists who are experienced and have their creds to deliver the kind of quality we are looking for in such an epic project. And even the following and grassroots had to be grown carefully and not overblown through heaps of KOL reposts and blatant shilling like most projects and many crypto investment bubbles. A long term following grows with you, it doesn’t appear overnight, but after a certain critical point has been reached the gates open and Rome unleashes hell.

After making sure we chose the right blockchain, we invested I-don’t-know-how-many-hours into figuring out how to align our interest with the interest of the players as not to work oppositional but to align our interests. If we make money the player earns money – which we internally call Play-AND-earn, as opposed to the ponzi-esque play2earn, which by mathematical definition is finite. So our tokenomics utilized the power of the chain, even though cardano specifically did not have a few common EVM or ETH options, but we are gladly the ones to propose it to the ADA community and council of internet elders.

Anyhoooo – the Alpha has arrived and we are now carefully playtesting, collecting data and waging conquests and battles – as nerdy kids like to do 😉

Join us for a game anytime you like