Semper Cozy partnering with Remote Control Productions leads to the Chain Gang

June 20, 2022

Semper Cozy partnering with Remote Control Productions
leads to the Chain Gang

With our teams many multi faceted backgrounds, it’s really hard to grasp how interdisciplinary we really are, just looking at people like Alex Lacher, our lore writer Atreides or Kyle Puller, it was a no-brainer that a person like Hendrik, who was always very close to us and is one of the coolest cats to hang out with, joined us in some kind of JV. And what a JV it turned out to be at the end of the day!

Well, with our mutual interest and fascination for the possibilities of the emerging Web3 technologies and him (Hendrik) being the head of Remote Control and a vita that had him producing over 500 games in his 20 years of experience and all kinds of other highlights in his vita (many which i’m not allowed to mention publicly ;), Hendrik seems like the perfect fit for us as people and as a partner who can pull his weight in business but also as a person.

So in a nutshell, Hendrik Lesser joins our ranks and our company Semper Cozy with its many games and other web3 experiences, which we will start revealing very soon. His company, Remote Control, partners with Semper Cozy to, of course partner on many game developments that we mutually have coming, but especially to create a Web3 marketplace for gaming and all other experiences. The MP will be curated, which in today’s oversaturated world is a given, to have experienced quality control.

But that’s not it, we are in the midst of developing a marketplace that will not only be chain agnostic, but also feature 3rd party games and assets, besides the projects that we are currently developing. We will assist game developers and world-builders with the tools they need, be it a launchpad that we have mapped out, assistance in smart contracts, creating sustainable tokenomics, making use of modern NFT utilities such as CRM comms or tiered rewards.

The marketplace will have a very clear modern pop cultural approach, at a time where the old pop culture has been centralized in the hands of a few cultural monopolies and infinitely watered down. My fanboy heart cries in pain, but it opens doors for new realms and fantastic worlds which we are determined to bring to life.

The company’s name is Chain Gang, as we are a gang of people who respect and hang out with each other and have many common core beliefs. One of them being that the crypto culture is the same as pop culture both, and each project by itself needs to be treated with respect and commonalities it deserves, instead of trying to make it a one size fits all happy meal. If it has its own language like gaming, crypto and any subculture has by definition its own culture and needs to be treated as such instead of one trying to game the other as we have previously seen so often. The future is bright and a new culture, fueled by digital ownership, decentralized when needed, on proven sustainable economic models is already here.

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Chain Gang

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